Tuff-Mass Acoustic barrier has an industry leading 28 year history of customer satisfaction at effectively blocking noise transmitted through walls, ceilings, floors, and in "noise fences".

A specially developed mass layer product offering industry leading acoustic transmission loss combined with great damping properties. It is available in 1 lb/sqft to 2 lb/sqft densities with STC Ratings up to 32. It is a simple to install, highly cost effective, noise blocking barrier material.

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Soundown Acoustic Quilted Baffle (AQB) Fiberglass line of Overhead Baffles and Wall Mounted sound Absorption Panels features a durable vinyl-coated fiberglass-cloth facing quilted to one-inch or two-inch thick fibergtalss. These Class A Flammability Rated baffles offer high NRC ratings, are available in a number of colors and stitch patterns and can be custom fabricated to any size required.

Soundown "AQB" Baffles are also available with either a decorative fabric or a nylon rip-stop facing. These attractive sound absorbers offer a wide range of colorful options which can be custom tailored for any commercial application.

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Soundown’s Quilted 2” x 1lb/ft 2 Pipe and Duct Wrap is a composite material manufactured and sold as 4’ x 25’ rolls. This product features a flexible 1lb/ft 2 mass loaded vinyl with a reinforced mylar protective finish. Typical uses of this product are to wrap noisy pipes, ducts, valves and fan housings.

  • Standard roll size is 4’ x 25’
  • Accepts Soundown Mylar Tape, 2” -6” wide for easy installs (parts HTA20SC, 40 & 60)
  • Class A (or 1) flammability rating per ASTM E-84

Use Quilted 2” x 1lb/ft 2 Pipe and Duct Wrap to wrap noisy pipes and ducts to prevent break through noise from transmitting through the wall of the pipe or duct. The use of the 2” fiberglass creates a decoupling effect, which yields increased low frequency attenuation. The 2” thick quilted fiberglass absorber also provides improved thermal insulation around the pipe or ductwork.

Product Data:
Description 1lb/ft 2 foil-faced mass loaded vinyl barrier bonded to a 2” thick scrim faced quilted fiberglass absorber.

Nominal thickness 2”
Standard size 4’ x 25’
Weight 1.4lb/ft 2
“ R” Factor 8.0
Flammability Smoke Density index 19.5, Flame spread index 12.5
Temperature range 20 deg F to + 350 deg F

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