PROMAGUARD from Soundown Corporation is a new concept in passive fire protection applying microporous insulation technology.

Thanks to its exclusive engineered mineral matrix, PROMAGUARD features unique benefits and provides many direct advantages with weight savings of up to 75% compared to conventional solutions and materials, making the panels ideal for applications on high speed vessels.

PROMAGUARD has been designed to meet SOLAS, IMO & MCA standards for passive fire protection.

PROMAGUARD is the Solution for all insulating and fire protection systems for bulkheads and deckheads on aluminum strctures, GRP and steel all of which require both extremely light weight and thin insulation.

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Soundown's mineral wool fiber insulations are made from basalt rock and slag. This combination results in a non-combustible product with a melting point of approximately 2150º F (1177ºC), which gives it excellent fire endurance properties. Soundown's mineral wool marine boards and blankets are water repellent yet are vapor permeable materials. Installation on below ambient, cool surfaces will require a vapor retarder system.

Soundown Corporation provides a series of non-combustible mineral wool insulation products designed for thermal and fire protection required in marine applications. Its products have been tested by the SOUTHWEST RESEARCH INSTITUTE® to comply with the latest IMO/FTP Code and have Certificates of Approval from the United States Coast Guard, Transport Canada, Lloyds Register; and carry the European Wheel Mark. The RHM series of marine insulations are manufactured in 3 through 10 pounds per cubic foot (48 through 160 Kg/m³ ) densities. In addition, RHM Series Marine Board & Blanket insulations are suitable to a full range of temperatures. Applications include boilers, vessels, tanks, ducts, ovens, mufflers, and exhaust stacks.

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FireMaster 607T M Blanket is a non-combustible, flexible matt manufactured from alkaline earth silicate fibres suitable for use in both cellulosic, hydrocarbon and jet fire protection applications. The patented fibre formulation used gives enhanced solubility in the human body together with excellent thermal and acoustic properites. To see the technical specifications, click here.










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