Posted on: October 19th, 2018 by admin


Soundown’s Is0Walk is a specially developed resilient underlayment designed to provide noise reduction in floor constructions. This is particularly important in vertically adjacent spaces, such as condominiums and office buildings. Footfall, voice, A/V, and other living/working noises often cause complaints and disharmony between occupants.Isowalkroll

The addition of IsoWalk to your floor construction will add both mass for improved STC (sound blocking) and resiliency for improved IIC (impact reduction). IsoWalk may be installed over wood or concrete subfloors and under most finished floor systems, including hardwood, engineered wood, stone, laminate, vinyl, tile, and carpet.

In addition to be being a high-performing underlayment, IsoWalk is environmentally and economically friendly. Manufactured from 93% post-consumer recycled rubber, IsoWalk reduces environmental waste and allows your project to be more green. IsoWalk’s ease of installation and low profile require little or no changes to your existing construction and therefore, make it a cost-effective solution to your noise concerns.