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Acoustic Foam 

Marine Specifications

Industrial Specifications

Acoustic Foam is an effective treatment for airborne noise.

Acoustic Foam is an effective treatment for airborne noise. It is typically used as a composite, sandwiched on either side of a mass-loaded barrier layer. While it is often most effective in this combination, the foam itself also has acoustic blocking characteristics, and has been fine-tuned especially to attenuate the sounds from machinery, like engines, generators and other marine equipment. It may be used in combination with composite, as a less expensive alternative or as a complement in areas where it’s difficult to place stiffer composite materials.

Acoustic foam is versatile, fire retardant, and an easy fit for hard-to-cover nooks and crannies. Its fibrous structure is designed to redirect and reduce sounds of certain wavelengths, which makes it ideal for machinery spaces in marine, medical, and industrial applications.

Facing Options

Silver Mylar (standard) White Mylar Black Urethane

 Foam Material

Typical Physical Properties

Typical Acoustic Properties