Posted on: June 28th, 2018 by admin

Gear Mounts 


TG (Torque Gearbox ) are semi elastic resilient mounts for free-standing gearboxes and/or close-coupled high-speed engines/gearboxes where the mountings have to absorb the torque reaction in combination with full propeller thrust.


Hard-mounted reduction gears transmit structure-borne noise into a vessel's structure, causing "gear whine" to radiate into accommodation areas. Gear whine is a distinct tonal noise and is often one of the more bothersome noises on vessels of all types. TG mounts are specifically designed to provide isolation of this higher frequency energy while providing a stable foundation for the gear box. This isolation is provided by bushing style elements, which provide low-deflection characteristics under thrust and torque loads.

TG mounts can also be used on close-coupled engine/ gear boxes with deep reductions ratios (typically 4:1 or greater). In deep reduction applications, the torque can overload a softer mount, reducing its effectiveness or causing running misalignment when torque is applied.


TG gear mounts are supplied with custom brackets designed to match the bolt pattern on the gear box. This allows for a clean installation in the same space as factory-supplied fixed brackets. This feature makes retro fitting gear boxes into an existing vessel a snap.