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Reinforced TuffMass 

Industrial Specifications

Soundown's Reinforced TuffMass is a noise barrier for applications where the material needs to be wrapped or hung around the noise source. This material combines our specially developed acoustic mass barrier with a fabric or Mylar cover for a durable, well-supported finish.

The reinforcement makes it sturdier for hanging or wrapping applications, allowing the TuffMass to have more independent structural integrity. The facing that provides this reinforcement also has aesthetic advantages.

Reinforced TuffMass often is used on job sites or around mobile equipment in residential areas to reduce noise. Creating a hanging curtain around the job site will greatly reduce noise transmission, reducing complaints and extending working hours.

Reinforced TuffMass is also an excellent option for wrapping pipes of all types. From interior plumbing to high-pressure pipelines, Reinforced TuffMass is an easily installed and highly effective treatment option.

Facing options:

8842N, 59M, VS2, Navy Cloth

Barrier Sheet


Typical Physical Properties


Typical Acoustic Properties