Posted on: April 29th, 2016 by admin

Pins / Washers 


Pins are an essential installation material, typically used to fasten insulation materials to hull interiors and surfaces where a screw isn't practical or possible.

Washers keep pin and screw fasteners tightly flush against installed insulation materials, and spread the force of a fastener across more of the material, which prevents tearing of the finish surface.

Soundown’s insulation pins are mechanical fasteners for attaching insulation to surfaces that will not accept a screw fastener. They are key for a clean, long-lasting installation.

Pins are available in standard lengths of 2.5”, 4.5”, and 6.5” in aluminum, stainless steel, or plated steel. Your selection should be based on the material to be installed. The pins should be at least a ½” longer than the material's thickness. For materials with a 1lb barrier, or no barrier at all, aluminum pins are suggested. For materials with a barrier heavier than 1lb, stainless steel is a better option.

All pins are supplied with a perforated backing that is adhered to the hull with a structural adhesive. As the adhesive flows through the holes in the perforated base, it creates both a mechanical and adhesive bond.

Recommended adhesives include epoxy-thickened or moisture-cured urethanes such as SikaFlex or 3M 5200. Typical spacing is 16” apart, measured from the center of the pin.

Once the pins have been bonded, the insulation is spiked into place and fixed with keeper washers, which slide onto the pins until the insulation facing just starts to dimple. The pins are then cut ¼” above the washer.

Dome caps also can be added (after the washer) to provide a clean finish and protection from the sharp end of the pin. This addition is highly recommended in high traffic areas, or places where regular access is needed, for comfort and safety.