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Industrial Specifications

Architectural Specifications

Soundown's TuffMass-UL is a specially developed
flexible mass layer product designed to reduce air- and structure- borne noise transmission through walls, floors, and ceilings.


TuffMass-UL is a UL-approved solution for reducing noise in certain wall, floor, and ceiling assemblies. This approval is important for commercial and residential applications where noise control and improved fire safety are a concern.

TuffMass-UL is easy to install during new construction, renovation, or as a stand-alone project. During new construction or renovation, this material is typically applied directly to the stud faces and fastened with heavy staples before the wall board is hung. TuffMass can be applied on one side or on both sides of the studs for the highest level of acoustic protection.

For existing construction where the wall board is already in place, TuffMass-UL can be applied to the existing wall with a finish layer of wall board installed on top of that.

Acoustic Treatments for Walls

Typical Acoustic Properties