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QuietLag Pipe and Duct Wrap 


Soundown’s QuietLag acoustic pipe and duct wrap material consists of a fiberglass decoupling layer and TuffMass barrier with reinforced facing. By decoupling the barrier from the pipe or duct, this product will greatly reduce noise radiated from plumbing, HVAC ducting, and a range of other sources.

This wrap will provide effective reduction of breakthrough noise in most pipe and duct applications. QuietLag is available in 1“ and 2" thicknesses with either a 1lb/ft2or 2 lb/ft2 barrier. The thicker and heavier materials will provide greater low frequency attenuation. Standard rolls are 4' x 25'; however, custom sizes are available.

Matching lagging tape is available for a clean and aesthetically pleasing installation.




 Facing Options


Typical Physical Properties


soundwrap installed

Typical Acoustic Properties