Posted on: December 4th, 2015 by Chase Corpus

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Sound Principles. Sound Products. Sound Results.

Sound can be a beautiful thing. Waves lapping against the shore. The caw of birds in the sunlight. The laughter of friends.

But sound can also be disruptive. Engine noise that vibrates from your toes to your head. The tooth-rattling hum of heavy machinery. The whirring thrum of a hard-working propeller. That’s where Soundown comes in.

All sound ultimately comes down to physics. Waves of sound travel at different wavelengths, through the air or through a structure – mathematically defined. Noise and vibration can be reduced, reflected, and controlled by the proper application of sound principles. With a little physics and the right products, you can solve noise problems on boats, buildings, and in industrial settings.

Soundown was founded by sound engineers, based on acoustic knowledge and experience. Our products, when properly used, combine to turn noise into silence.

Whether that means noise reduction for industry and industrial applications, noise absorption for architectural purposes, or sound reduction for marine vessels, boats, and yachts, we help you find appropriate sound solutions.

We have been working on these solutions for years – for your peace and quiet. That experience and expertise is what’s made us the worldwide leader in noise control.