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Sifting through a fleet of sound options

Engineering sound proofing solutions for boat means understanding the unique needs and specific construction of each vessel. The appropriate sound proofing solutions for cruisers and sport fishers will be significantly different than those Soundown will recommend for large yachts or commercial vessels. Even similar vessels may have different needs based on the arrangement of machinery spaces and accommodations or the type of construction.

This section of the website includes products, systems, and general vessel solutions.  If you are looking for a specific item the products section will provide general product information and performance details.  For specific systems such as marine exhaust, quiet drive lines, floated interiors (and many others) the systems/applications section will provide in depth information and construction details. The Vessel Solutions section offers a wide range of treatments that apply to specific categories of boats from runabouts to large yachts and commercial vessels.

Whether you are looking for simple solutions that can be applied to your current vessel, undertaking a major refit, or building a new vessel Soundown has the sound proofing materials and experienced support staff to reach your noise control objectives.  

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Soundown Vinyl Foam, barrier composite insulation for sound proofing boats sound proofing for floors acoustic carpet underlayment for floors incombustible sound proofing insulation for commercial vessels sub chapter T 164.009 QuietCore damped plywood composite for sound proof walls and floors

Vinyl Foam Composites

 Carpet Underlayment



any vibration mounts for marine diesel engines floated interior systems for sound proofing cabins and staterooms complete marine exhaust systems including marine mufflers, exhaust risers, exhaust elbows for marine diesel engines sound proofing for marine engines and boat engine rooms

Isolation Systems

Interior Systems

Exhaust Systems

Machinery Space Insulation

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