Posted on: October 7th, 2016 by Alex Wills
Exhaust Silencers
Like a muffler on a car, an exhaust silencer can significantly reduce the noise coming out of an engine. Of course, at sea, a silencer is more complicated than a car muffler. We can walk you through these options to find the best silencer to fit your situation.
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The Axial WaterDrop incorporates the patented Soundown technology of the classic WaterDrop silencer, only in a configuration that extends the silencer horizontally instead of vertically.
Soundown’s Tower Silencers are marine mufflers for use with water-cooled exhaust systems that discharge underwater. Typically used in combination with a Classic or WaterDrop Silencer for the above water bypass, this system provides excellent acoustic performance that can be appreciated both on deck and in the accommodation spaces.
Specifications Soundown Classic WaterDrop Silencers are the industry benchmark for quiet, universally configurable mufflers for water-cooled marine exhaust systems. Ideal for propulsion engines and generators, these mufflers are manufactured from glass reinforced plastic (FRP) and carry Lloyds' Register Type approvals.
This time-tested silencer solution lifts water from the system and expels it from the vessel. A basic solution, the Waterlift often is combined with other silencers in a silencer system, but it also can be used independently to alleviate some exhaust-related noise for  generators or propulsion systems.
Soundown’s Combi WaterDrop Silencer is a marine wet exhaust muffler designed for use on generators. The Combi packages good acoustic performance in a compact size for applications where low noise is essential and space is at a premium.
Specifications A Flying Tower is a variation of Soundown's classic tower silencer. The Flying Tower lies sideways, ideal for configurations where overhead space is at a premium.
Soundown manufactures a wide range of exhaust risers, elbows, and spray rings to fit your application. From basic water injected elbows to high lift risers, these are a critical component of any marine exhaust system.
Soot sinkers are part of a quality exhaust system. Properly integrated, they remove dirty black soot from exhaust that might otherwise carry it to your deck or the decks of nearby vessels.
Soundown’s Fiberglass Exhaust Tubing is an important component of any marine exhaust system. This heavy wall Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Resin (FRP) tubing is manufactured with fire retardant vinyl ester resin and carries Lloyds’ Register approval.