Posted on: October 7th, 2016 by Alex Wills

Classic WaterDrop Silencer 


Soundown Classic WaterDrop Silencers are the industry benchmark for quiet, universally configurable mufflers for water-cooled marine exhaust systems. Ideal for propulsion engines and generators, these mufflers are manufactured from glass reinforced plastic (FRP) and carry Lloyds' Register Type approvals.

The Classic WaterDrop Silencer has an upright configuration and incorporates two separate chambers for optimal performance. The first baffled section allows water and gas to pass through to the upper chamber where tuned resonators provide high levels of acoustic attenuation, while diverting the water away from the gas flow. This reduces or eliminates the rumble of exhaust and drains the water below the hull to prevent water splash noise.

Every WaterDrop Silencer is custom built for your application, both inside and out. Custom external configurations place the inlet, outlet, and drain where they are best suited for a clean installation. The internal components are sized based on the raw water flow, exhaust gas flow, allowable back pressure, and firing rate of the engine. By customizing the internal components for your engine, Soundown can provide a marine muffler with the highest possible noise reduction while operating within the engine manufacturer's allowable back pressure limit.

Classic WaterDrop Silencers are an excellent choice for propulsion engines or generators.

Typical Sizes (Larger and smaller options available based on performance and space needs.)waterdropchart

Typical Configurations (These are some examples of Classic WaterDrop Configurations. Most configurations with the inlet at the highest or lowest point and the drain at the bottom are possible. The exhaust gas outlet can be placed at almost any point on the silencer.)

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