Posted on: December 2nd, 2015 by Chase Corpus



Sound Architectural Needs

Architectural noise control topics affect buildings of all sizes. Common problems include improving privacy between two bedrooms in a single family home, keeping noise from commercial spaces out of residences in mixed-use buildings, isolating media rooms, reducing highway or rail line noise, and minimizing noise from mechanical sources that range from appliances to multimega-watt cogen plants. While specific treatments may vary with the scale of the project, the principles remain the same.

These principles are to seal the space as well as possible; increase the sound blocking ability of walls, floors, and ceilings; and provide vibration isolation to reduce structureborne noise. Most of these treatments can be applied to either the source (where the noise comes from) or receiver (where the noise is a problem). While it is generally better to treat the source directly, this is sometimes not practical. For example, soundproofing a small office in a large industrial facility is a much smaller task than developing and executing treatment for a number of large and complex machines.

The menu on the left presents some treatment options for common noise problems found in architectural applications. Please feel free to call us directly to discuss soundproofing options for your existing building or new construction project.

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