Posted on: March 30th, 2017 by Alex Wills

Planning Quieter Pools and Pumps

Pools in large buildings and pumps in facilities of all kinds and sizes have their own unique audio challenges.

Water produces both structureborne and airborne noise as it moves through any system, just like air does; however, since water weighs considerably more, it can produce harsher, louder noises. Many pump rooms and pools are also tiled, which is good for water resistance and clean-up, but not good for reverberation.

The most common treatments revolve around reducing pump noise itself with damping and insulation.

Next, you want to pay attention to the flow of the water to and from the pumps, making sure that the systems are of the right size and complexity for the speed of the water, and checking the mounting to make sure it stabilizes the pipes without conveying undue structureborne vibration.

Having the proper mounting solution, often including an isolated inertia slab, will make a considerable difference.


Case Study – Aquarium Pumps