Posted on: November 23rd, 2016 by Alex Wills

Oil Bath Shaft Systems

shaft only side viewOil bath shafts can make a tremendous difference in the high-pitched and disturbing whine often generated by drive shafts, particularly longer shafts and those that handle a lot of torque.

An oil-bath system encloses the shaft in an enclosure full of oil. The oil acts as a permanent lubricant for the stainless-steel shaft, keeping it rotating smoothly with greatly reduced friction and far less material-stress whining. The oil and enclosing shaft also absorbs some of the sound that would otherwise be generated by the shaft.

An oil bath shaft might have water-lubricated bearings on either end of the system, joining the shaft to the propeller and the engine. Water-lubricated bearings also can produce a squeaking sound if the water’s not in exactly the right part of the system at the right time. For optimal high-end performance, these bearings also can be oil-lubricated.

Although these are still systems, not single-component installations, oil-bath systems are among the easier to plan out – the length and angle of the shaft are the primary factors in finding the right oil bath shaft. The horsepower the shaft is handling can also be a factor.

Over decades spent constantly assessing various solutions, Soundown found our experts consistently suggesting Evolution Shaft Systems as a reliable, high-performance solution. In recent years, we’ve partnered with the company and taken a hand in making these systems the best in noise prevention measures. In most scenarios, an Evolution Shaft System will provide the most effective noise reduction for smaller drive shaft systems. If your axle is over 4″ in diameter, a Rubber Design oil bath shaft system will probably serve as the best solution for that size.EMSS IN HULL FADED