Posted on: November 23rd, 2016 by Alex Wills

Interior Systems for Sound Insulation

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When thinking about noise control aboard boats and yachts, there is a tendency to focus first on the machinery space, where the highest levels of noise are found. To build a truly quiet boat, it is also important to consider treatments inside the accommodations. These treatments will further reduce noise from mechanical sources and reduce hydrodynamic noise and increase privacy in the cabins. Soundown offers a range of solutions for building quiet interiors.

Some of these solutions are easily executed in existing vessels or new builds. For example, installing Soundown’s Damping Tile under a hardwood or tile floor will absorb vibrations in the deck that would otherwise radiate as structure-borne noise. In carpet areas, Soundown’s Premium Carpet Underlayment provides an acoustic barrier and plush underfoot feel.

For more advanced options, Soundown recommends decoupling the rough sole and bulkheads from the structure to create a floated interior. Floated interiors feature Sylomer (a specialized elastomeric foam), which is used to isolate the QuietCore acoustic panels from the hull. For sportfish boats or cruisers, this treatment can be used in specific areas such as the cabin side of the engine room bulkhead. In yachts and other vessels with more stringent acoustic requirements, the complete interior should feature a box-in-box construction where the interior panels are fully isolated from the hull structure.

Soundown’s QuietStrips and QuietCore Panels are designed to make construction of floated interiors quick and easy.  Quietstrips are bonded to the bulkhead or deck in a grid pattern that creates an air gap between the hull and finish panel, which is critical to performance. This cavity should be filled with acoustic absorption material such as Marine Hull Board or Microlite. QuietCore panels are then fastened to the QuietStrip to finish the construction. The cabin is then finished with your choice of wall covering to create the quiet, comfortable space you imagined.

Soundown also provides materials with IMO fire ratings that are required in larger yachts, offshore commercial vessels, and passenger vessels. These items include incombustible and fire rated panel systems and low flame spread acoustic barrier.

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