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Installation Materials
Installation materials are the consumable sprays, glues, and pins that enable you to put all our acoustic solutions securely in place.
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— Installation Materials
Specifications ATA-30 is a two-component, high tack-strength epoxy adhesive specifically developed for the installation of vibration damping materials, such as Soundown Damping Tiles.
Soundown's line of edge and seam tape is designed to seal Soundown insulation products for a clean, long-lasting installation. Tape styles are available in widths from 2" - 6" and come in a variety of finishes to match your installation.
Bostik® SuperTak® aerosol adhesives are top performance adhesives in easy-to-handle and easy-to-store aerosol containers ideal for a variety of industrial applications.
Specifications Pins are an essential installation material, typically used to fasten insulation materials to hull interiors and surfaces where a screw isn't practical or possible. Washers keep pin and screw fasteners tightly flush against installed insulation materials, and spread the force of a fastener across more of the material, which prevents tearing of the finish surface.
Specifications Gaskets are important for preventing water from filtering through various spaces - they can have the same value for sound that's trying to leak from one space to another. But it has to be the right gasket to be effective.