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Soundown's line of edge and seam tape is designed to seal Soundown insulation products for a clean, long-lasting installation. Tape styles are available in widths from 2" - 6" and come in a variety of finishes to match your installation.

Soundown seam and edge tapes are manufactured using the same facing materials as Soundown foams and other insulation materials. This material combines with a specialty adhesive designed to ensure long-lasting installations in engine rooms, a challenging 3tapesenvironment from temperature and moisture perspectives. The high-quality adhesive and consistent facing make for seamless implementations.

To best protect your insulation and provide a clean finish, the tape should be applied to exposed edges before the material is installed in the vessel. This is accomplished by wrapping the edge of the material from front to back before installing. There should be at least a ½” overlap on the front and back.

Abutting installations should also be sealed up with tape.

Available Styles:

Mylar Scrim Tape: Available in aluminized and white, Soundown's Mylar Scrim Tape is typically used with our acoustic foam and vinyl/foam composites.

White Mylar Tuffskin Tape: This nylon-reinforced polyester tape is typically used with white mylar faced hullboard, polyimide foam, and other low combustion materials.

8842 Aluminized Tape: This reinforced aluminized foil is designed for use with 8842 faced materials, such as hullboard, microlite, and polyimide foam.

All tapes tapes are available in 2", 4" and 6" widths with some 3" options. Standard roll lengths are 125'.