Posted on: October 7th, 2016 by Alex Wills


Soundown’s Tower Silencers are marine mufflers for use with water-cooled exhaust systems that discharge underwater.
Typically used in combination with a Classic or WaterDrop Silencer for the above water bypass, this system provides excellent acoustic performance that can be appreciated both on deck and in the accommodation spaces.

In underwater exhaust systems, the water acts as a barrier to most of the broadband noise that is carried in the exhaust gas. However, the low frequency exhaust rumble often acoustically drives the bottom of the hull, causing noise and vibration problems. This rumble also causes problems on deck as the exhaust plume breaks free of the surface just aft of the boat.

Soundown’s Tower Muffler is designed to reduce this low frequency rumble in a smaller volume than required for the complete silencing required on a system that exhausts above water.

Underwater exhaust systems feature an above water bypass, which is sized to allow the exhaust gas to discharge above water at rest and during low speed operation. This is typically the condition in which guests are on deck and is therefore critical for quiet operation. For this reason, the Classic or Axial WaterDrop silencer is typically installed on the bypass to reduce or eliminate noise on deck.

The Soundown Silencer line is built from high temperature, fire retardant composites for superior corrosion resistance and service life. Our silencers also carry Lloyds’ Register Type Approvals. These units can be supplied with a standard white finish or highly faired yacht quality finish and may be fitted with mounting brackets and flange fittings for installation.