Posted on: October 7th, 2016 by Alex Wills

Fiberglass Exhaust Tubing 

Soundown’s Fiberglass Exhaust Tubing is an important component of any marine exhaust system. This heavy wall Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Resin (FRP) tubing is manufactured with fire retardant vinyl ester resin and carries Lloyds’ Register approval.

The Soundown Fiberglass Exhaust Tubing has a heavy-wall construction that is twice as thick, on average, when compared to other marine exhaust tubing available on the market.  The heavy wall thickness provides advantages in both workability and the safety of installation. T-bolt clamps used in most exhaust installations can easily crush standard fiberglass pipe during installation or maintenance. This forces the use of stainless steel crush rings in the pipe, which add cost and labor.  With its sturdier construction, Soundown’s Fiberglass Exhaust Tube is significantly more resistant to crushing.

The heavier wall thickness also improves the safety of exhaust systems. Fiberglass exhaust tubing is meant to be used only in water cooled systems. In the event that a pump fails or sea strainer is clogged, hot exhaust will start to burn the resin out of the fabric matrix.  Soundown’s Fiberglass Exhaust Tubing will remain watertight far longer than less substantial products. Sizes are available in tube schedule for O.D. diameter size or it is offered in I.D. nominal schedule size.