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Hull Boards 


Soundown's Hull Board is lightweight, semi-rigid, all-purpose acoustic insulation material that also has excellent thermal properties. Hull Board carries US Coast Guard and IMO approvals as an incombustible material, and it is suitable for most areas aboard vessels of any size or service.

Typical applications include military and commercial vessels, where they carry approvals for use in almost any area of a ship. Commercial applications include USCG Sub Chapter T vessels where incombustible insulation is needed in the engine. In larger vessels where all insulation materials must be incombustible, this product often is installed for thermal as well as acoustic insulation on the hull, decks, and bulkheads throughout.

For military vessels, Soundown can supply materials certified to: Mil-I-742 types I & II, Mil-I-22023 type III, and Mil-I-23054.

The resilient, semi-rigid insulating board is easy to cut and fit, and can be fabricated with minimal time and effort. The standard sizes help save cutting and trimming time and reduce waste. Kerfing “vee grooves” for beam insulation can be handled cleanly on cutting tables by using either hand tools or mechanical devices.

Soundown Hull Board is available with a number of facing options, including aluminized, fiberglass cloth, and white Mylar.

For areas such as engine rooms or other machinery spaces, Soundown's Hull Boards can be fabricated with a lead barrier to provide high transmission loss (sound blocking) with acoustic absorption. This treatment often is used aboard subchapter T vessels (whale watching, head boats, dinner cruise boats, and ferries) where a noncombustible material is required for all mechanical spaces.

Soundown Hull Board is an approved incombustible material and carries US Coast Guard 164.009, 164.109 and IMO FTP Code Part 1 certificates.

Facing Options

8842n 59m 2mil aluminum navy cloth amau

Acoustic Performance


Thermal Performance