Posted on: June 28th, 2018 by admin

Smart-Link flexible coupling 


Smart-Link by Rubber Design uses rubber torque links with interior cords to adapt to a high degree of displacement. A very flexible coupling results, which makes it specially suited to soft-mounted and more flexible shaft systems.

Smart-Link (Stable Movement, Axial, Radial, Torsional) is a particularly flexible coupling developed by Rubber Design. It accommodates movement in every direction with an exceptionally high tolerance for displacement. Its interior cord inlays create a structure that damps torsional vibrations.

The system is specifically designed to go between a propeller shaft with a separate thrust bearing and a gearbox. Its double row design keeps its outside diameter as small as possible and results in the smallest possible build-in length, while maintaining optimal torque capacity and flexibility. There is also a center ring to ensure no imbalance occurs from the coupling, and a protective coating helps protect the coupling from time and the elements.

This coupling comes in five standard sizes to match torque capacities from 24.5 kNm to 394.7 kNm (290,000 foot lbs). These couplings can be supplied with class certification, such as Lloyd's register, ABS, DNV-GL.