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Vibration Damping Sheet 


Soundown Damping Sheet is an extensional damping product designed for absorption of mid- and low-frequency vibration in steel, aluminum, or fiberglass structures.

Soundown DT Series Damping Sheet is an extensional damper that absorbs vibration in plate or structure. The specially formulated PVC blend is engineered to absorb energy through conversion. As the materials go through extension and compression cycles, the energy is converted into heat instead of radiating as noise.    

This material is available with a peel-and-stick adhesive for ease of installation; however, for applications where performance is critical, we recommend using our ATA30 Damping Tiles Adhesive.

Soundown DT Series Damping Sheet is available in 4.5' wide rolls or sheets, which are cut to length.

Extensional Damping Material


Typical Physical Properties


Typical Acoustic Properties