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Light-weight and water-resistant QuietPro panels are robust sound absorbers that are especially well suited for areas that require a durable, water-resistant material.

The firm but flexible QuietPro panels are composed of a random, labyrinth-like structure created by hollow polypropylene pellets that are sealed together in rigid boards. The plastics do not absorb water or condensation, but their labyrinth-like structure absorbs reflected noise within the space in which they are installed.

QuietPro is ideally suited for areas such as engine room ventilation trunks due to its hydroscopic nature. In such applications, QuietPro will absorb airborne noise without absorbing water, resulting in lower noise levels in the cockpit and other areas on deck.

QuietPro also is an excellent choice for mobile equipment where its durability and water resistance allow for a long service life without loss of performance.

ASTM Ratings

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Typical Physical Properties


Typical Acoustic Properties