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Vinyl / Foam Composite 




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Soundown's Vinyl/Foam Composite insulation combines acoustic absorption and barrier properties to create a comprehensive treatment for engine rooms and machinery enclosures.

Soundown's Vinyl/Foam Composite insulation is an effective treatment for airborne noise that radiates from engines and other machinery. The standard composite consists of a layer of mass-loaded vinyl sandwiched between two layers of fire-retardant polyether foam covered by a thin, attractive vapor barrier facing. In this configuration, the back layer of foam and barrier increase the transmission loss (sound blocking ability) of the insulated panel, while the layer of foam facing the equipment provides acoustic absorption. In combination, this treatment is effective in reducing noise that travels through the walls of the enclosure, as well as noise that comes out through vents, ducts, or other openings.

vinylcharts1Our Vinyl/Foam Composite is designed and manufactured specifically for attenuation of sounds from machines such as engines, generators, pumps, and other equipment, which may have significant base and mid-range frequency components. Our construction centers the acoustic vinyl between equal thicknesses of foam, front and back. This configuration optimizes the mid and bass frequency sound isolation in comparison to other materials with only a thin foam layer on the backside.

Soundown's Vinyl/Foam Composite is available in a range of configurations that can be optimized to meet space, performance, and budget requirements. Thickness are available from 1/2" to 4" and in barrier surface densities of 1/2, 1, 1 1/2, or 2lbs/sqft. As the thickness and/or weight are increased, the performance of the material also increases.

This material can be supplied as sheets that are 4.5' wide, with lengths that vary based on weight and thickness. For OEMs, Soundown offers kitted materials that are cut to shape then packed and labelled per customer specifications.

Facing Options

Silver Mylar (standard) White Mylar Black Urethane

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