Posted on: January 26th, 2016 by Chase Corpus



Incombustible Microlite is specifically developed as a lightweight thermal and acoustic blanket for use in marine applications. Microlite weighs only 0.75lbs/ft3 and provides a large weigh savings when compared to traditional hull insulation materials with weights from 3-8lbs/ft3.

Microlite is highly effective as an acoustic and thermal insulation. It is produced from fine glass fibers, is highly resilient, and has nonsettling characteristics, making it easy to install and allowing for a long service life.

The material is approved for a wide range of military, Coast Guard, and IMO applications, particularly on hulls, bulkheads, and deckheads. It also is ideal around heating and air conditioning systems because of its extremely low thermal conductivity.

The material comes in large rolls and is easily cut, fit, or shaped around beams and other intricate structures. It’s fast to install and long-lasting.

Facing Options

8842n 59m 2mil aluminum navy cloth amau




Acoustic Performance


Thermal Performance


Operating Temperature

Operating temperature limit: 400ºF (204ºC)