Posted on: January 31st, 2019 by admin

Cushion your equipment. And your ears.

Machinery is noisy. You’ll be amazed at the difference proper mounting makes.

Vibrations. Sound. Cancel it out with BRB mounts.

All you have to do is install mounts under any equipment that produces lots of vibrations, and you’ll hear a significant decrease in noise.

AMC type BRB mounts from Soundown are versatile vibration isolators that are designed for superior isolation characteristics, especially at lower frequencies.

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BRB mounts feature a rubber element, which works the rubber
in shear and compression. Their tall height section produces large deflections, low natural frequencies, and excellent vibration isolation results. This range of mounts is suitable for applications where high vibration isolation in the 85-95% range is a priority.

BRB mounts are suitable for the isolation of mobile
rotating machines, which are exposed to axial and
radial shocks, where the interlocking base and cap are positively captured, providing a fail safe. The cap design also protects the rubber element from fuel, oil, UV, and ozone. All steel components are treated with a weather-resistant coating, allowing for reliable indoor or outdoor use.

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