Posted on: March 25th, 2020 by Sam Smullin



Soundown will remain open during the recently announced statewide Covid-19 related closures.  Our company is required to remain open and active during under Defense Industrial Supply Base, Defense Priority guidelines, and to supply our medical sector customers.

Employee safety is our highest concern and we have various Covid-19 risk reduction policies in place in our factory to protect our workforce.  While we are required to remain open and active during this period, we may do so in reduced or limited capacity as we adjust our work activity and manpower to adapt this dynamic and evolving situation.  We will do our best to be available to our customers at our offices, through e-mail, and cell phone. 

If you do not get a response to an inquiry, need to discuss an order, or wish to speak to a representative of the company we can be reached at the following;

Chris Murray, Sales Manager                 

Mobile: 617.803.3328

Sam Smullin, Quality Manager

Mobile: 954.560.7085

Robert Bova, Export Sales                       

Mobile: 978.578. 6521

Matt Devitt, National Sales                      

Mobile: 617.797.2816

Steve Moyer, Florida Sales                     

Mobile: 954.868.0968

Leanne Wheeler, Customer Service

Should there be a need to pick up material at either location, we will accommodate a curbside/loading dock pick up with advance credit card purchase.  Please alert us or call one of the above numbers upon arrival.

The individuals on the list above will be available 8-5 Monday through Friday during the extent of this emergency situation.  Anyone on this contact list will be able to field your call and assist or reach others within the company as necessary.     



Joseph I. Smullin