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Soundown's Premium Acoustic Carpet Underlayment is specially designed as an easily installed product to reduce the transmission of noise through floor assemblies from both airborne and sturcutreborne sources such as talking or walking impact. Soundown Premium Underlayment consists of a resilient acoustic foam layer with Soundown Tuff-Mass barrier bonded to one side. The resiliency of the foam acts to cusion footfall and other impact type noises while providing a plush underfoot feel. Adding a layer of Tuff-Mass to the padding provides a decoupled mass layer effect which is highly effective at stopping noise in the speaking frequencies as well as other living noises.

Installation of Soundown Premium Carpet Underlayment is straight-forward in new or existing applications with no specialty tools required. simply roll out the underlayment (barrier side up) and fit the carpet directly on top. In cases where a tack strip is used, stop the underlayment at the inside edge of the tack strip and tack the carpet in place.

In any living or working arrangement where noise from one space is impacting the usability of spaces above or below, Soundown Premium Carpet Underlayment should be considered. With the ability to significantly reduce noise at frequencies as low as 250Hz this product is highly effective at reducing speaking frequencies, A/V and home theater noise, domestic mechanical equipment and a range of other noise sources found in close quarters living or working environments.

  • Easy to use & install
  • A low cost solution for noise transmission problems
  • Increased privacy
  • No need for additional carpet pad
  • Firm, yet confortable underfoot feel
Typical Installation

Soundown Premium Carpet Underlayment is installed on the sub floor below the carpet. It is important that the mass layer (black side) be installed on the top for optimal performance.
Enhanced Noise Reduction Due to Carpet Underlayment

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