Acoustic Absorption

Acoustic Absorption materials reduce reverberant noise in enclosures and other spaces, which translates into lower overall sound pressure levels. Soundown offers options including foam, fiberglass, and mineral wool.  These products can be finished with a range of durable vapor barrier facings.   

Acoustic Absorption Foam

BRB MountsSoundown offers the highest quality acoustical foam products available today. Our Acoustic Absorption Foam is an open cell acoustical grade polyether designed to have excellent acoustic properties. Our Acoustic Foam is available as thick as 3” with options for a number of different facings as well as pressure sensitive adhesive.

Acoustic Barrier Composites Insulation

Soundown offers a range of barrier composite insulation materials that increase the transmission loss of panels or walls. These composites feature a mass barrier floated in a composite of foam, fiberglass, or mineral wool and finished with a range of durable vapor barrier facings.

Vinyl/Foam Composite

Vinyl/Foam CompositeSoundown’s Vinyl/Foam composite insulation (IVF) is designed to reduce airborne noise that radiates from engines, and other machinery. The standard composite consists of a layer of TuffMass loaded vinyl sandwiched between two layers of fire retardant, polyether foam and protected by a vapor barrier facing. Soundown composites are produced specifically for attenuation of sounds from machines such as engines, generators, pumps, and other equipment which may have significant base and mid-range frequency components. Our standard construction centers the acoustic vinyl between equal thicknesses of foam, front and back to optimizes the mid and bass frequency sound isolation. Where high frequency noises are of concern Soundown can fabricate specialized composites.


QuietLagSoundown’s QuietLag, acoustic pipe and duct wrap material consists of a fiberglass decoupling layer and TuffMass barrier with reinforced facing. This product is used in wrapping of pipe and ducts to reduce breakthrough noise from the fluid, gas or media travelling through the system. Common applications include plumbing, HVAC, and material handling systems.

Acoustic barriers

Mass loaded acoustic barriers can be effectively added to enclosures or walls around machinery to reduce noise transmission to adjacent spaces. For unenclosed machinery Soundown Reinforced TuffMass can be it can be draped or hung from a frame to create an enclosure.


TuffMassSoundown TuffMass is a specially developed mass layer product offering superior acoustic transmission loss combined with good vibration damping properties. TuffMass is available in surface densities from 0.5lb/ft2 to 2lb/ft2. TuffMass offers STC ratings as high as 33.

Reinforced TuffMass

Soundown’s Reinforced TuffMass acoustic barrier combines the acoustical properties of TuffMass with a selection of durable and easily cleaned facings for use in a wide range of applications. The addition of the reinforced facing allows for TuffMass to be used as a hanging acoustic curtain enclosing temporary of fixed equipment.

Vibration Damping

Soundown damping products are highly effective at reducing noise radiated from equipment, equipment housings, and other industrial applications such as material handling chutes. Our damping products include extensional treatments, constrained layer treatments and damped composites.

Vibration damping sheet and tile

Vibration Damping SheetThis an extensional damping sheet based on out formulation for Mil PRF 63563D Type II that is ideal for achieving critical damping on steel and aluminum structures. This product is available in thicknesses of 1/16”, 1/8” and ¼” as a sheet material or as 3/8” and 5/8” thick tiles for use on substrates of varying gauge.

For use in colder temperatures we offer tiles in a class I formulation.

EcoDamp Sheet

Eco-dampEcodamp is a highly flexible self adhesive damping compound with a light constraining aluminum cover. These materials can be used for applications on light panels or pipes to reduce ringing and breakthrough noise.

Vibration Isolation Mounts

Vibration isolation is a critical component of any noise reduction program. Isolation (resilient) mounts also protect high tolerance machining equipment or electronics from vibration that exists in their environment. Soundown combines an extensive product range with a high level of technical expertise to ensure that we specify the most effective mounting for your application.

The items listed below are a small segment of our product offerings. Please call us to discuss your application and we will be happy to recommend a solution.

BRB mounts

BRB MountsSoundown type BRB anti vibration mounts are easily installed mounts that utilized rubber in shear and compression. Their ratio of height to width is optimized for high deflections, low natural frequencies, and excellent vibration isolation results.

BRB 50 for loads 1-120lbs (per point)

BRB 60 for loads 10-165lbs (per point)

BRB 80 for loads 20-500lbs (per point)

BRB 110 for loads 100-990lbs (per point)

Ring Bushing

ring bushingsThe Soundown Ring/Bushing Kits are two component mounts that are used in conjunction with a hold down bolt for the effective isolation of equipment or panels. These mounts combine rubber stiffness and form factor to produce high deflections at light loadings.

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