In marine and all other applications, there are two basic types of noise:

AIRBORNE NOISE - radiating directly from the engine, transmission, exhaust, and other rotating equipment.

STRUCTUREBORNE NOISE - vibrational energy imparted to the hull, super structure, and other components that is transmitted throughout the vessel and is then radiated as airborne noise.

AIRBORNE NOISE is reduced using Soundown Barrier Composites and other Soundown Materials to block noise escaping from the engine area, and absorb noise within the engine area. Soundown Carpet Underlay is a barrier composite for application in accommodation spaces, while Soundown Head and Hull Liners are acoustic absorbers for use in these areas as well. Soundown Exhaust Silencers reduce annoying exhaust noise in both interior and exterior spaces.
STRUCTUREBORNE NOISE is minimized by isolating all machinery and in some cases entire interior surfaces from the structure of the vessel. Soundown Engine Mounts and Ring-Bushing Mounts are ideal for isolating the main propulsion engines, generators, and other rotating equipment. For isolation of interior components or surfaces, Soundown supplied Sylomer is installed in strip bearing fashion. To control vibration on large flat panels and heavy hull structures, Soundown Damping Sheets and Tiles are extremely effective.
Soundown supplies technical support to select the proper materials or combinations for your application. Please refer to the following descriptions of the complete range of Soundown Products.

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