Posted on: July 27th, 2018 by admin

Solutions for Generator Noise

Generators and cogen plants for primary or standby power can ensure an uninterrupted source of electricity for buildings and facilities of many types. Having uninterrupted power keeps facilities running, but also introduces noise and vibration that travels through the structure.

Soundown offers many solutions to isolate generators and reduce vibration. These range from simple spring mounts, rubber mounts, or elastomeric bearings to highly engineered solutions that combine elements listed above with application-specific inertia slabs for the ultimate in noise and vibration reduction.

Generators that are installed on a grade can be treated with relatively straightforward measures, such as rubber or steel spring mounts between the generator and the concrete slab. For such applications, Soundown reviews the weight distribution and noise/vibration, as well as site-specific requirements, such as seismic zone certification. This data will inform the selection of the best option(s) for your specific application.

In some cases, such as projects for research facilities, hospitals, and high-end resorts, there are much more stringent requirements. In these instances, Soundown will work with the contractor and NVH consultant to customize a solution. Most often this takes the form of a concrete or steel inertia slab that is installed over Soundown’s elastomeric bearing material. By varying the weight of the slab and adjusting the bearing stiffness and height, we can tune the natural frequency of the isolation to work with the particulars of the project.

Case Study: Cogen on Isolated Inertia Slab

Case Study: Diesel Generator on Elastomeric Bearings