Posted on: April 29th, 2016 by admin

Perforated Aluminum 


Soundown's Perforated Aluminum provides a bright, durable finish  material for installation in engine rooms and machinery enclosures where it is typically installed over the thermal/acoustic insulation.  Soundown Perforated Aluminum also can be used as a headliner material.


alumnFor engine room or machinery space enclosures, Soundown Perforated Aluminum is typically installed over the insulation as a protective measure that also provides a bright, durable finish. The two available perforation patterns are designed to be nearly invisible to noise. This allows sound to reach the insulation where it is absorbed, instead of being reflected and amplified.

The standard thickness of Soundown Perforated Aluminum is 0.040" and it is finished with a durable, white, powder-coated finish. The excellent adhesion properties of the coating allow bending and fitting to most shapes without damaging the finish. (Test bends are suggested for tight radius bends.)

Installation methods vary depending on the type of construction. The detail below shows a typical marine engine room application. For enclosures, the material generally is attached to the frame using self-tapping screws or rivets. We do not suggest installing this material directly on the face of the insulation with fasteners passing through both layers. This often results in a wavy or uneven finish.

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