Posted on: April 29th, 2016 by admin
Machinery Space Finish Material
The machinery space is by far the most common source of unwanted, disruptive noise in marine applications, but also in industrial and architectural situations. Cladding is one of your first, best measures to reduce the amount of sound that escapes this loud space.
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— Machinery Space Finish Material
Specifications QuieTech perforated aluminum is a thin, lightweight acoustic absorption panel for use in marine, industrial, and architectural applications. The white, powder-coated finish is attractive, making QuieTech an excellent choice for areas where visual aesthetics are important.
Specifications QuietClad panels from Soundown are a damped metal product for use as an acoustic barrier, cladding, or enclosure material. Standard panels are constructed of aluminum and are available with a white polymeric coating or mill finish.
Specifications Soundown's Perforated Aluminum provides a bright, durable finish  material for installation in engine rooms and machinery enclosures where it is typically installed over the thermal/acoustic insulation.  Soundown Perforated Aluminum also can be used as a headliner material.