Posted on: April 29th, 2016 by admin

Wave Slap

One of the most common noise issues that Soundown hears is the created by waves impacting the side of the hull.  This is particularly common in hard chined vessels or those with spray rails, where even small waves break against slap against the hull.  Wave slap noise is particularly problematic as the most effected space is typically the V-berth, which, is usually occupied when the machinery is not running and people are trying to sleep.

Wave slap, as this noise is often referred two has two major components of the noise.  The first component is a low  “boom” sound created when the wave breaks on the hull. The second is a ringing noise from the reverberation of the hull which acts like a bell that’s been struck.

There are two main treatments that are used to mitigate wave slap noise, one for each component of the noise.  For the ringing noise Soundown’s Vibration Damping Tiles should installed on the interior of the hull starting 18″ below the chine and extending 18″ above.  the coverage area should be centered around the area where the chine breaks waterline (at rest) and extend longitudinally to all areas affect during typical sleep aboard conditions.

To reduce the “boom” noise from the impact of the wave it is best to insulate the hull, or back side of the interior paneling in the affected area.  For insulation we suggest 1/2″ 1lb Standard Carpet Underlayment.

Best bet: ½” 1lb Standard Carpet Underlayment, 3/8″ Damping Tiles