Posted on: May 23rd, 2017 by Lee Gorman

TT Mount 

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Rubber Design TT Mounts from Soundown are designed for applications with high axial loads, such as marine diesel propulsion engines, where the propeller thrust acts directly on the engine.


The rubber elements in the TT Mounts are arranged so that the vertical load is taken in shear and the axial load in compression.  Because the vertical load is taken in shear, TT Mounts provide excellent isolation whether negatively or positively loaded.  This is essential for high horse power, low weight applications where torque acts to load the mounts in the upward direction on one side of the engine.

MTU 2000 series on TT1 mounts with ERD Flexible Shaft Coupling.

TT mounts are available in three sizes to handle engines from 150 HP to over 2000 HP. They feature a cast aluminum bracket and top cap for a durable, long-lasting installation. And all sizes feature a height adjuster for ease of maintaining engine alignment.

We strongly suggest that you consult with Soundown before making a final mounts selection. Our support services include mount specifications and calculations, such as 6 Degree of Freedom or Rigid Body Analysis. Proper specifications ensure a quiet, smooth-running installation.