Posted on: May 23rd, 2017 by Lee Gorman

AMC Marine Mounts 


AMC Marine Mounts from Soundown are used on a wide range of marine- and land-based applications. Their high deflection and high axial stiffness make them ideal for applications where isolation performance must be maintained while an axial load is applied.

The top part of the hood on a marine mount has a cross-shaped indentation that makes it more rigid in mobile applications. These niches also improve the drainage of oils and other liquids that may splash on the mount. Each mount is clearly identified by engravings on the metal bases that show the type and hardness of the mount and make it possible to replace components without replacing the entire mount.

Different stiffnesses can be specified for each axis to offer more flexibility perpendicular to the engine's crankshaft, maximizing the vibrational isolation.

The hood also protects the elastic / rubber components inside from corrosive influences like dripping oil or diesel, ozone, or direct sunlight or UV rays.

The metal's anti-corrosive properties also make these mounts especially appropriate for outdoor situations or areas prone to being splashed. And special interlocking components provide shock protection and particularly limit vertical movement if a mount is subjected to shock.