Posted on: May 23rd, 2017 by Lee Gorman

Ring Bushing Mount 


Soundown Ring Bushing Mounts are high-capacity isolation mounts used to isolate equipment or panels. They feature tow components joined together by a hold-down bolt.

The two-part isolation mount is an ideal solution to isolate pumps, motors, A/C units,  hydraulic lines, floated interiors, and machinery space finish grids in marine, industrial, and architectural applications, producing a significant reduction in structure-borne noise.

Form factor and a variety of available rubber stiffnesses provide a range of flexibility. The shape of the ring and the bushing are carefully designed to allow the rubber to flex and compress within the cavities between the two parts. This provides high deflection even at relatively light loads.

The standard installation process uses two steel washers and a compression tube to preload the rubber and maintain tension on the bolt for a stable installation. Extra long compression tubes are supplied so you can cut them to fit your application.