Posted on: May 23rd, 2017 by Lee Gorman


MecLev by Rubber Design is Soundown's solution to leveling. When heavy machinery isn't perfectly aligned, or isn't as level as possible, the resulting misalignment generates vibration and noise.
MecLevs have the widest configuration options - in height, angle, and load bearing - in the adjustable chock industry.



The MecLev adjustable and re-usable mounting chuck provides a stiff leveling solution to quickly and easily get machinery aligned. When machinery is not aligned, the resulting tension is often translated into noise.

These mounts do not have special isolation characteristics, and may be used in combination with other isolation solutions. They are an excellent way to level equipment, however. Their spherical tops adjust to the correct angle automatically when you install the element, and the height is easily adjusted on installation, but also over time to counteract soft foot problems common in machinery.

MecLevs are available in a wide variety of sizes. To find the right size, verify the mounting bolt size of your application before ordering your MecLev. Review the height you'll need from your highest element, make sure that the bottom ring of your MecLevs will be supported, and that at least 75% of the disc washer will fit under the machine foot. Make sure that foundation bolts are long enough to accommodate the additional height of the MecLev and that the load does not exceed the maximum load for your chosen size.

Advantages include:

  • ease of alignment and re-alignment
  • quick installation
  • self-leveling elements
  • cost- and time-effective compared to machining steel chocks or installing epoxy chocks
  • re-usable
  • adjustable
  • highest rated load for adjustable chocks on the market
  • designed by experienced field engineers