Posted on: January 26th, 2017 by Alex Wills

Auxiliary Equipment

On a larger vessel, there can be all sorts of equipment that produces sound or vibration as a side-effect of performing its function.

High pressure pump for a watermaker on 6 series Ring/Bushing Mounts.

Air conditioning is a frequent offender. Hydraulic power packs for stabilizers, winches, and other equipment create distinct and problematic tonal noise that is transmitted from the unit and associated piping. Pumps for domestic water and grey

water, as well as refrigeration systems – all can wake people during the night or disrupt comfort. In some vessels even the radar equipment may produce annoying vibrational noise. Often, these are structureborne vibrations manifesting as noise, but being mistaken for airborne sound.

Mounting auxiliary equipment is relatively straightforward and the use of an appropriate mount – and following a few guidelines – can reduce or eliminate these annoying noises. One key to effectively mounting small equipment is to avoid attaching directly to bulkheads, especially those that lead to accommodations. The typically higher stiffness and increased distance of hull structure improves the effectiveness of the mounting solution. Energy from hydraulic power packs and pumps often travels through the fluid and is transmitted to the structure at attachment points. The detail below shows hydraulic piping isolated with Soundown Ring/Bushing Mounts.

Another consideration for mounting equipment is ensuring that the load is evenly balanced on a stable base. Many pumps are supplied with brackets that do not extend to the overall dimensions of the equipment, resulting in unbalanced loading when installed on resilient mounts. A small plate that moves the mounts to the corners of the overall footprint of the equipment will improve the effectiveness of the system.

There are a few common “best bet” solutions. Mounting this equipment on BRB, Ring Bushings or stalwart TR004 mounts will generally produce optimal effects.