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Sylomer® is a foamed, micro-cellular PUR-elastomer that minimizes vibration and structure-borne noise from sources such as railways, highways, MRIs, HVAC, and industrial machines. One or several of the 17 Sylomer durometers are calculated to fit any design and installation. Flexibility to implement full-surface, strip, discrete bearings, or any combination to meet a project requirement, is permitted.

Sylomer is color coded by static and dynamic load groupings. To download a chart that equates the static and dynamic loads with the sylomer color code, click here.

Sylomer bearings do not lose elasticity, even when completely encased. The bearings are permanently flexible and adapt to the contours of the foundation when loaded. Bearing stiffness depends on the load supported and the desired deflections. Through a wide variety of material types, the material can be optimized to the load-supporting areas and the applicable loads.

Depending on the Sylomer application, structure-borne noise attenuation is up to 95%. Additional damping elements are not normally required. Natural frequencies attained are normally 8 – 12 Hz. Sylomer is an engineered micro-cellular material. It is volume compressible. Elastic isolation is achieved by:

  • Simply inserting a layer of Sylomer between a building foundation and a mud slab
  • Lining an inertia pad’s concrete form with Sylomer, laying in rebar and pouring the pad
  • Simply placing discrete strip or point bearings under any machine.

To view a paper about Sylomer building isolation please click here.

Features, Advantages

Design/Implement flexibility and economy
Predictable performance and deflections
Quick, economic onsite adaptions to design versus build variances
Man-made product with accurately predictable ± 7% durometer
Overall simplicity – Unlike springs and rubber, Sylomer does not require additional steel, engineering, labor, and permanent dry voids for deflection
Sylomer is resistant to oils, greases, diluted acids, and lyes. It retains its elasticity even when immersed and at low temperatures. Click here for details.

Construction, Materials, Finishes

Sylomer’s unique micro-cellular structure is created in a process that does not use environmentally damaging foaming agents. The material contains no softeners, and it is also hydrolysis stable toward diluted chemicals typically used during construction.

The effect of moisture on the product’s static and dynamic stiffness can be disregarded, even when the material is saturated. Its creep behavior has been thoroughly tested and comprehensively documented. Stiffening of the bearings is minor when installed within the type’s defined load limits. The deflection under constant load is precisely known and specified for each Sylomer type. Combined with the excellent creep behavior of Sylomer, the bearings are completely maintenance-free when fitted and therefore, do not need to be accessible. It is supplied in sheets, mats, CNC cut, or fitted on site.