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Quiet Interior Solutions
Included in the Soundown family of products are unique, patented solutions. Soundown engineers developed QuietCore, QuietClad, and QuietTech to take advantage of everything modern science has learned about offsetting noise pollution.
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— Quiet Interior Solutions
Easy to install, this noise reducing product can be added at nearly any stage of a project. It's most often used for living areas in boats and for architectural applications.
Specifications Noise transmission between offices, conference spaces, examination rooms, and other work or living areas can be disruptive. One common cause of noise complaints is that noise can travel into drop ceiling spaces and over the top of partition walls. Suspended ceiling tiles are not normally very effective at blocking sound.
Specifications Sylomer® is a foamed, micro-cellular PUR-elastomer that minimizes vibration and structure-borne noise from sources such as railways, highways, MRIs, HVAC, and industrial machines. One or several of the 17 Sylomer durometers are calculated to fit any design and installation. Flexibility to implement full-surface, strip, discrete bearings, or any combination to meet a project requirement, is permitted.
Soundown Head and Hull Liner products provide a bright, clean, and acoustically absorbent interior finish.  
SpecificationsFire Resistant Promat's Promarine panels provide both thermal and acoustic insulation.