Posted on: April 29th, 2016 by admin

Ceiling Tiles 


Noise transmission between offices, conference spaces, examination rooms, and other work or living areas can be disruptive. One common cause of noise complaints is that noise can travel into drop ceiling spaces and over the top of partition walls. Suspended ceiling tiles are not normally very effective at blocking sound.

Soundown’s acoustic barrier ceiling tiles are more effective, and still cost effective. Their quilted fiberglass layer is bonded to a mass-loaded layer with aluminized Mylar facing. This creates a decoupled mass to effectively treat sound leakage.

The ceiling tiles are easy to install on top of your existing ceiling system, and provide a quick, easy way to improve a space’s STC rating without extensive renovations.

These are great solutions for medical facilities looking for more privacy from room to room, for manufacturing facilities with noisy equipment, for conference rooms and office spaces that may want more privacy, and for any space where noise pollution is a problem.