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Marine Specifications Industrial Specifications Acoustic Foam is an effective treatment for airborne noise.
Easy to install, this noise reducing product can be added at nearly any stage of a project. It's most often used for living areas in boats and for architectural applications.
Specifications Noise transmission between offices, conference spaces, examination rooms, and other work or living areas can be disruptive. One common cause of noise complaints is that noise can travel into drop ceiling spaces and over the top of partition walls. Suspended ceiling tiles are not normally very effective at blocking sound.
Specifications Soundown's Hull Board is lightweight, semi-rigid, all-purpose acoustic insulation material that also has excellent thermal properties. Hull Board carries US Coast Guard and IMO approvals as an incombustible material, and it is suitable for most areas aboard vessels of any size or service.
Industrial Specifications Architectural Specifications Soundown's TuffMass is a specially developed, mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) product offering superior acoustic transmission loss combined with good damping properties. Available in surface densities of 1/2, 1, 1.5, and 2lbs/ft2, TuffMass is suitable for use in all types of construction and offers STC ratings up to 32.
Specifications Sylomer® is a foamed, micro-cellular PUR-elastomer that minimizes vibration and structure-borne noise from sources such as railways, highways, MRIs, HVAC, and industrial machines. One or several of the 17 Sylomer durometers are calculated to fit any design and installation. Flexibility to implement full-surface, strip, discrete bearings, or any combination to meet a project requirement, is permitted.
The Isolation Clip is used in new or existing wall and ceiling constructions to isolate the gypsum board from the framing. Clips are fastened directly to wood, steel, or aluminum studs and are designed to accept standard drywall furring channel. By breaking the mechanical connection between the isolated gypsum board and the other side of the wall or floor assembly, structure-borne noise is prevented from travelling between the two spaces. This has been acoustically tested to add 15 to 20 STC or IIC points to an existing assembly. For the applications with stringent noise requirements, isolation clips should be used in conjunction with Roxul AFB® and TuffMass-UL. The rubber bushing of clips allows for easy screw fastening into wood or metal framing as well as into concrete substrates. With the clips fastened in place, standard drywall furring channel (hat track) is snapped into the clip, and gypsum board is hung using screws per standard practice.
Industrial Specifications Soundown's Reinforced TuffMass is a noise barrier for applications where the material needs to be wrapped or hung around the noise source. This material combines our specially developed acoustic mass barrier with a fabric or Mylar cover for a durable, well-supported finish.
Industrial Specifications Architectural Specifications Soundown's TuffMass-UL is a specially developed flexible mass layer product designed to reduce air- and structure- borne noise transmission through walls, floors, and ceilings.  
Specifications Soundown Ring Bushing Mounts are high-capacity isolation mounts used to isolate equipment or panels. They feature tow components joined together by a hold-down bolt. The two-part isolation mount is an ideal solution to isolate pumps, motors, A/C units,  hydraulic lines, floated interiors, and machinery space finish grids in marine, industrial, and architectural applications, producing a significant reduction in structure-borne noise.
Specifications Rubber Design Conical Mounts from Soundown are designed to provide high deflections with a long service life. In both the vertical and horizontal axes, the transfer function of the mounts is in the range of 12 dB/octave, known as "ideal mass-less spring characteristics."
Specifications QuieTech perforated aluminum is a thin, lightweight acoustic absorption panel for use in marine, industrial, and architectural applications. The white, powder-coated finish is attractive, making QuieTech an excellent choice for areas where visual aesthetics are important.
Specifications Smart-Link by Rubber Design uses rubber torque links with interior cords to adapt to a high degree of displacement. A very flexible coupling results, which makes it specially suited to soft-mounted and more flexible shaft systems.
Perforated on the inside and expanded to fit over existing ducts on the outside, these act as mufflers along the course of an exhaust path, typically deployed with heavy industrial machinery.