Posted on: May 23rd, 2017 by Lee Gorman
Mounts - Isolation and Vibration
The most effective noise reduction step you can take for engine noise is to examine and upgrade your mounting system. Choosing the right mount requires you to consider the size of the vessel, the horsepower and weight of the engine, the length of the drive shaft, and the angles and torques involved in your specific vessel. All of this factors into the calculations our engineers make to come up with the ideal mounting system and the proper rubber stiffness to use in the flexible rubber components that give each mount its play.
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Specifications Rubber Design MP (multipurpose) mounts from Soundown are compact vibration isolators for machinery of all types. mountschart1
Specifications TT2 Specifications TT3  Specifications TT1 
Rubber Design TT Mounts from Soundown are designed for applications with high axial loads, such as marine diesel propulsion engines, where the propeller thrust acts directly on the engine.
Specifications Soundown Ring Bushing Mounts are high-capacity isolation mounts used to isolate equipment or panels. They feature tow components joined together by a hold-down bolt. The two-part isolation mount is an ideal solution to isolate pumps, motors, A/C units,  hydraulic lines, floated interiors, and machinery space finish grids in marine, industrial, and architectural applications, producing a significant reduction in structure-borne noise.
MecLev by Rubber Design is Soundown's solution to leveling. When heavy machinery isn't perfectly aligned, or isn't as level as possible, the resulting misalignment generates vibration and noise. MecLevs have the widest configuration options - in height, angle, and load bearing - in the adjustable chock industry.  
Specifications AMC Marine Mounts from Soundown are used on a wide range of marine- and land-based applications. Their high deflection and high axial stiffness make them ideal for applications where isolation performance must be maintained while an axial load is applied.
Specifications AMC type BRB mounts from Soundown are versatile vibration isolators that are designed for superior isolation characteristics, especially at lower frequencies.
Specifications TR004 is a high-deflection mount that is well-suited to mounting equipment that will need to flex and move. This mount is most often used with generators, AC equipment, electrical switch gear, pumps, and exhaust equipment. tr004chart
Specifications Rubber Design Conical Mounts from Soundown are designed to provide high deflections with a long service life. In both the vertical and horizontal axes, the transfer function of the mounts is in the range of 12 dB/octave, known as "ideal mass-less spring characteristics."
Specifications Rubber Design EPM shock mounts are specifically designed to provide excellent vibration isolation and protection against sudden and dramatic shock.   gearmts
Specifications Cable mounts are a tough, heavy-duty approach to mounting, and are especially appropriate in shock-mounting situations. By allowing large displacements, cable mounts increase shock time, thereby reducing force and protecting the equipment. cablechart
Fixed point stabilizers are a crucial part of an exhaust system. These attach parts of the exhaust flow system to the hull in a flexible arrangement that keeps tubing in place, but transfers minimal vibration. In an effective system, these are laid out mathematically to balance fixed point fasteners.
Hanging Fixed Points are vibration isolation mounts for exhaust piping. These mounts are designed to support the pipe from above while isolating vibrational energy in the exhaust system and preventing it from entering the vessel's structure.
Standing Fixed Points are vibration isolation mounts for exhaust piping. These mounts are designed to support the pipe while isolating vibrational energy in the exhaust system so it doesn't enter the vessel's structure.