Posted on: January 26th, 2016 by Chase Corpus

Acoustic Insulation Solutions
Acoustic insulation is crucial to reducing unwanted noise traveling through spaces, walls, seams, and gaps.
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Marine Specifications Industrial Specifications Acoustic Foam is an effective treatment for airborne noise.
Easy to install, this noise reducing product can be added at nearly any stage of a project. It's most often used for living areas in boats and for architectural applications.
SpecificationsIndustrial SpecificationsMarine   Buy Now   Soundown's Vinyl/Foam Composite insulation combines acoustic absorption and barrier properties to create a comprehensive treatment for engine rooms and machinery enclosures.
Specifications Noise transmission between offices, conference spaces, examination rooms, and other work or living areas can be disruptive. One common cause of noise complaints is that noise can travel into drop ceiling spaces and over the top of partition walls. Suspended ceiling tiles are not normally very effective at blocking sound.
Specifications Soundown LCF Polyimide Foam is an engineered flexible foam insulation for acoustic and thermal applications. The extreme light weight and highly fire resistant nature of Polyimide foam makes it ideal for a range of applications.
Specifications Soundown's Hull Board is lightweight, semi-rigid, all-purpose acoustic insulation material that also has excellent thermal properties. Hull Board carries US Coast Guard and IMO approvals as an incombustible material, and it is suitable for most areas aboard vessels of any size or service.
Industrial Specifications Architectural Specifications Soundown's TuffMass is a specially developed, mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) product offering superior acoustic transmission loss combined with good damping properties. Available in surface densities of 1/2, 1, 1.5, and 2lbs/ft2, TuffMass is suitable for use in all types of construction and offers STC ratings up to 32.
Specifications Incombustible Microlite is specifically developed as a lightweight thermal and acoustic blanket for use in marine applications. Microlite weighs only 0.75lbs/ft3 and provides a large weigh savings when compared to traditional hull insulation materials with weights from 3-8lbs/ft3.
Specifications Promaguard from Soundown is a new concept in passive structural fire protection that uses microporous insulation technology. Thanks to its exclusive engineered mineral matrix, Promaguard provides IMO A ratings in extremely low thickness when compared to traditional fiber materials.
Specifications Sylomer® is a foamed, micro-cellular PUR-elastomer that minimizes vibration and structure-borne noise from sources such as railways, highways, MRIs, HVAC, and industrial machines. One or several of the 17 Sylomer durometers are calculated to fit any design and installation. Flexibility to implement full-surface, strip, discrete bearings, or any combination to meet a project requirement, is permitted.
Specifications Light-weight and water-resistant QuietPro panels are robust sound absorbers that are especially well suited for areas that require a durable, water-resistant material.
Industrial Specifications Architectural Specifications Soundown's TuffMass-UL is a specially developed flexible mass layer product designed to reduce air- and structure- borne noise transmission through walls, floors, and ceilings.  
Specifications Soundown’s QuietLag acoustic pipe and duct wrap material consists of a fiberglass decoupling layer and TuffMass barrier with reinforced facing. By decoupling the barrier from the pipe or duct, this product will greatly reduce noise radiated from plumbing, HVAC ducting, and a range of other sources.
Soundown Head and Hull Liner products provide a bright, clean, and acoustically absorbent interior finish.  
Specifications Smart-Link by Rubber Design uses rubber torque links with interior cords to adapt to a high degree of displacement. A very flexible coupling results, which makes it specially suited to soft-mounted and more flexible shaft systems.